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Update Seminars Coming November 3 & More




Update Seminars Coming
November 3, 2011
Back by popular demand! Our customers have been asking when we will hold our annual Update Seminars.  

 Here are the basics: 

What: Free comprehensive seminars covering what’s new in the latest software versions, how to use the new features to improve your process, and what’s coming next. Presented by and exclusive to CAD CAM Systems Inc. 

When: November 3, 2011 

Who: Craig Chester, International Support Manager for Delcam, will be joining us to present material and answer your questions 

Where: Ingersoll Cutting Tools in Rockford, site of previous CCSI update seminars. 

Plan to attend! More details coming soon. 


 Coming Next in PowerMILL 2012 

More enhancements, new functionality — Delcam just keeps improving PowerMILL. Here are some highlights of what’s included in PowerMILL 2012. We’ll have more in depth information at the Update Seminar on November 3. 

· Bezier curves in the Curve Editor to create and modify smooth curves for boundaries and patterns. 

· Toolpath strategies will have the Tool, Block and Tool Axis controls right in the toolpath pages. 

· New flowline finishing strategy, a multi-surface strategy which creates a toolpath between two drive curves by smoothly blending between them. This strategy is typically used on complex fillets or gently curved surfaces. This can be used for 5 axis work. 

· The tool holder profile will enable you to have different clearances for the holder and shank 

· The Limit page will allow you to specify a Z range for the cutting moves. These limits work within the defined block. 

· View the statistics of any toolpath or NC program. Previously, you could only see the statistics of the active toolpath/NC program. 

· Powerful new PowerMILL macro programming language which enables you to automate PowerMILL. 


Hold Onto Your Dongle 


It’s important to keep your dongles secured. Remember that your dongle is the physical part of your software license, and if your dongle is gone, your software is gone. Delcam’s policy is NOT to replace missing dongles. 


Think of it this way: You would not expect Dell to replace a computer that was misplaced or stolen by an employee. No company can stay in business if they give free products to customers. 


Also make sure you keep track of dongles for software that you’re not currently using. When you need the software again, you’ll need the dongle to run it. An off-maintenance dongle will still run old versions of your software. And it’s much less money to bring old dongles back on maintenance than to purchase the seats over again. 


To prevent your dongle from disappearing, we suggest you put a dongle leash on it. Here’s a support document  explaining how. You should also consider having your software and dongles included in your business property insurance coverage.



Delcam Rated World’s Leading CAM Specialist for 11th Year 

The 2010 NC Software Market Analysis Report from leading US analysts CIMdata shows that Delcam is again the world’s leading CAM specialist. Having first achieved its global leadership in 2000, Delcam has held this position for eleven consecutive years. 

The CIMdata report also confirmed that Delcam continues to employ the largest development team in the industry, with 175 people working on the company’s manufacturing software.  Only two other companies employ more than 100 CAM developers; Siemens PLM with 130 and Dassault with 110. 

So what does this mean to you? Here’s how the Delcam CEO Clive Martell explains: “By employing the industry’s largest development team, we are able to create the world’s most productive collection of machining software.” 

It also means your investment in software will continue to produce good returns, and is not going to become stagnant or obsolete. Delcam software will continue to improve your process, cut your time and expenses, and increase your profits. 

In This Issue 

Update Seminars Coming November 3, 2011 


Coming Next in PowerMILL 2012 


Hold Onto Your Dongle 


Delcam Rated World’s Leading CAM Specialist for 11th Year 

Contact Us 




Technical Tip: PowerMILL Errors 


DUCTPOST ERROR MESSAGE: “Failed to get translator version from registry” when trying to post a program 


FIX 1: If you get this error right after uninstalling PowerMILL, the link in the registry to Ductpost was removed during the uninstall. Fix the problem by installing Ductpost with the stand alone installer available on CCSI’s FTP site. This will also keep Windows from removing it during future uninstalls. To prevent this problem, uninstall previous versions of PowerMILL BEFORE you install the latest version from the DVD, and the link to Ductpost will not get broken.


FIX 2: If you get this error on a new computer install, make sure you have Ductpost selected when you install PowerMILL. It is not installed by default on the 2011 DVD. We recommend you install a DVD version of PowerMILL on a new computer, not of a downloaded version. Sometimes the download version does not have Ductpost as an installable option.



ERROR: When using the tool database in PowerMILL, it defaults back to a blank database and gives the appearance that all the tools are gone. 

FIX: If you leave the tool database in the install directory, there is a chance that it will get removed if you uninstall an old version. If you use the tool database, move it to a safe location like
“C:/dcam/pmill4/tool database” and link PowerMILL to that location.

Technical Tip: Setting PowerSHAPE Default Units 

ERROR: PowerSHAPE starts in metric units when you want to work in inch units 

FIX: The new installers for PowerSHAPE no longer include the option to set ANSI as the default units. If you are installing on a new Windows 7 computer, BEFORE you start PowerSHAPE, browse to the location “C:/Users/Public/
Documents/Delcam/shareddb” and run the file called
“SetShareddbStandard.exe”. From there you can set the ANSI standard to run in inches. If you have already run PowerSHAPE on this computer, follow the instructions from this CCSI Support Document



Latest Software Versions 


These are the latest versions available to new sales and current maintenance customers.  

PowerMILL 2011 SP8 

PowerSHAPE 2011 R3 SP3 

FeatureCAM 2011 R3 SP3 

PowerINSPECT 2011 R2
Delcam for Solidworks R3 SP3
ArtCAM 2011 


Each version update makes the software faster, more powerful and easier to use. If you’re not current on your maintenance, call Sales at 815-399-4433 x1 or email   for a quote. Don’t get left behind your competition!    




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