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The Complete Scoop on Software Updates

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013




CCSI Tech Mail 



The Complete Scoop on Software Updates

This issue is devoted to one of the most important parts of your software maintenance contracts: Software Updates. We recently had a BIG push of Update DVDs shipped out to customers:


All of the Versions shown above were shipped or delivered this week or last to the Technical Contact at our current maintenance customers. In this Tech Mail, get the latest information and answers to all your Update questions.

Go Ahead, Use the Download Versions

When you’re ready to update, CAD CAM Systems now recommends that our customers download newly released versions.  Delcam has improved the download versions, so they now contain almost everything you need to update existing installations. When you get the disk, you will not need to uninstall the download version and reinstall the disk version. We write specific “Installation Instructions” for download versions, which we post on the Answer Page of our website.

According to CCSI Super Computer Genius Brad Hollandsworth, “This will save our customers time. Whenever they’re ready to upgrade, they can download and install the new version.”
The latest versions are available on the Delcam Customer Download site, and on the CAD CAM Systems FTP site. See the Technical Tips in this newsletter for help accessing those resources.

When your update disk does arrive, keep it in a safe place. You’ll need it for fresh installs on new computers, or to reinstall if your hardware crashes.

If you have any questions or problems with software or license file installation, contact Brad at or 815-399-4433 x110.


Release or Service Pack —

What’s the difference?


People can get confused when updating their software: Which version do I pick off the list of stuff available? What’s a Version and what’s a Service Pack, and what difference does it make?

First, some definitions.
Versions are major releases with significant changes to the software code. They’re named with the year in which they’re released (PowerMILL 2012.) If there is another major release in the same year, it’s a new Version and the name has an R2 added (PowerMILL 2012 R2.)
In between Version releases, Delcam releases Service Packs to fix any bugs.  Service Packs are typically released on a monthly basis, and SPX is added to the name (PowerMILL 2012 R2 SP1.)


OK, what do you want to download?
To move from one Version up to the next, you need to download the whole version. So if you’re using PowerMILL 2012 and want to upgrade, pick the full release PowerMILL 2012 R2 from the list.
If you just want to get the latest service pack, Service Packs are cumulative.  That means that SP3 (Service Pack 3) includes the fixes that were released in SP1 and SP2, so you only need to download and install the latest Service Pack.

Make sure you’re choosing the Service Packs for the release you have installed. Service Packs for PowerMILL 2012 R2 will not work with or update PowerMILL 2012.

More A’s to your Version /Update Q’s

Q: How do I know what version I’m using?
A: Inside the software, under Help menu, click on “About”


Q: How do I know if updates are available?
A: All Delcam products now have an option to check for updates. It is located under the Help option on the main toolbar. You must be connected to the web to use this option. If an update is available, you will be connected to the Delcam Customer Download Center.
“Latest Software Releases” is also a regular feature of these Tech Mail newsletters (Look over to the right!)


Q: How do I get updates?
A: The latest versions and service packs are available on the Delcam Customer Download site, and on the CAD CAM Systems FTP site. See the Technical Tip in this newsletter for more details. Update disks are shipped about once a year, so you can also install from the disk.


Q: Should I download and use a major Version that is just released?
A: CAD CAM Systems has always advised customers to defer on updating to a new Version of the software until Service Pack 1 has been released.


Q: I have many Versions of Delcam software on my computer. Should I get rid of them? How?
A: Since all Delcam software (except FeatureCAM) installs in separate directories, you can have several older versions left on the computer. This should not cause any problems. If you want to remove any older versions of software, you can uninstall them.  To uninstall, go to the “Add or Remove Programs’ in your computer’s  Control panel. Select the program to uninstall.
Uninstalling older versions of software should not affect your other versions of the software. Sometimes when uninstalling PowerMILL, a user will no longer be able to create G-code or will lose the ability to import IGES files. This is because the links to the programs that perform those functions are removed during the uninstall. To correct this, first uninstall old versions then install a new DVD version. Selecting Ductpost and Exchange during the DVD install will correct the missing links.


Q: How do I know what’s in the new releases, and how to use it?
A: Go to Delcam’s Learning Zone websites. There’s lots of information on What’s New, and short tutorial videos on how to use new functions.


March 2013


In This Issue


The Complete Scoop on Software Updates


Go Ahead, Use the Download Versions


Release or Service Pack — What’s the difference?


More A’s to your Version/Update Q’s



Contact Us




Technical Tips

More on Updates

Download the CAD CAM Systems Support Document “Updating your Delcam Software” for even more details on Updates. This document itself has been recently updated, and has all the latest information.


Access the Delcam Customer Update Site

All Delcam products now have an option to check for updates. It is located under the Help option on the main toolbar. If an update is available, you will be connected to the Delcam Customer Download Center.


Access the CAD CAM Systems Update Site

If you can’t access the Delcam Customer Download Site for security reasons, you can get software updates from CAD CAM Systems FTP site.

First, download and install a free program called FTP Commander. We have a link on our website on the Answer Page.

Then follow these instructions “Access Cad Cam Systems FTP site” .

If you are unable to use FTP commander, e-mail for alternative instructions.


PowerTools 2013 Now Available

CAD CAM Systems PowerTools is a collection of small programs developed exclusively by the support team at CAD CAM Systems to help our customers.

You can use CCSI PowerTools to perform certain tasks in PowerMILL that are cumbersome or nonexistent.

PowerTools has been updated to work with PowerMILL 2013, and is available for download from our website.

Read this PDF file “CCSI Power Tools” for information on tools included. To get the software, download the zip files from our Answer Page and install. Then follow the instructions in the PDF to request a password.

Latest Software Releases


These are the latest releases available on the CCSI FTP site for new sales and current maintenance customers.


PowerMILL 2013 SP2

PowerSHAPE 2013 R2 SP1

FeatureCAM 2013 R2 SP2


Delcam for SolidWorks 2013 R2 SP2


PowerINSPECT 2012 R2 SP1


Delcam Exchange 2013 R3


Post Processor 2014 SP4


ArtCAM 2012


Each update makes the software faster, more powerful and easier to use. If you’d like to get current on your maintenance, call Jeanne at 815-399-4433 x100 or email

for a quote.


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